Payoneer waste of time

I use Paypal quite a lot for handling online purchases. One problem with Paypal is that none of the big electronic component suppliers support it, so I have been looking at easier ways to handle that.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine pointed me to Payoneer. According to their web site they will provide you with a US account and provide you with a prepaid master card for said account. They also specifically stress Paypal in the FAQ:

Payoneer Paypal

Initially I was quite impressed with Payoneer’s service – I had my spankling new Mastercard within a week or so and activating it took seconds. Now I had a Mastercard with a balance of zero, so I wanted to transfer some funds from my Paypal account.

To make a long story short – adding the account to Paypal turned out to be impossible and a phone call to Paypal’s helpdesk confirmed my suspicion – Paypal do NOT support Payoneer after too many fradulent accounts.

Payoneer could possibly argue that this is a Paypal problem and that is indeed partially true. However, IF Payoneer is still guilty of lying on their web-site, so I’ll say this is a Payoneer problem.